1st Semestre 2016 – ASSESSMENT

Date Type of Evaluation Description
March 23 Performance Assessment Interview to a Gamer
April 6 Test and Open Tasks IB Paper 1 – 3 texts
April 27 Test and Open Tasks IB Paper 2 – Writing
May 18 Performance Assessment IB Written Assignment
June 8 Performance Assessment IB Interactive Oral Activity
June 22 Test and Open Tasks Structured Test – Language Skills

IB Core Topic: Communication and Media


What do the following images refer to?

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How can we share more with people? How can you stop using your phones? How can people stop depending on internet connection? Watch the following clip and brainstorm some ideas. Post your answers on Twitter at @mackayzine

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Partners for Life – Arranged Marriages in India

Watch the following clip from the popular TV series “The Big Bang Theory”. In it, you will see Rajesh, one of the main characters who has an Indian background, and his sister, Priya, talking about her relationship. Answer the following questions:

  1. What does Sheldon say regarding Priya making decisions regarding her social and private life?
  2. What do Priya and Raj’s parents say in connection to Jewish people?
  3. What difficulties do you think someone from India with a strong religious background would face if they fell in love with someone from a totally different culture?

Gypsies, travellers and Roma

Gypsies all have big fat weddings and live in caravans or come from Eastern Europe and are constantly thinking about migrating to the UK to live on benefits, right? Wrong

Myth no. 1: All Gypsies live in caravans

Myth no. 2: All Gypsies have big fat weddings and wear provocative clothes

Myth no. 3: Gypsies, Roma and Travellers are workshy, lack education, and aspire to live on benefits

Myth no. 4: All gypsies are foreign

Myth no. 5: The UK will be overcrowded with welfare-seeking Roma immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria next year

Listening Task

Watch the following clip and answer the questions below:

1.- Where were they called ‘gypsies’?

2.- Where are they originally from?

3.- What happened to them during WW?

4.- Where do they live now?

5.- Where do they live in your countries?